Using Peep

Peep is a full featured Twitter application that allows you to do everything you can do with the Twitter widget and more. Send and receive direct messages, filter tweets by displaying only the replies directed to you, mark favorites, and even search for new Twitter users to follow.

  1. To open Peep, press Home, and then tap the All Programs button.
  2. Tap Peep. Peep opens and shows a list of tweets from the Twitter users you follow, starting with the most recent. Slide your finger up or down the screen to scroll through the tweet messages.
  3. Start by sending a tweet.
    • To send a tweet to everyone, tap the text field with the words “What are you doing?”. Or,
    • To send a reply or direct message to a certain Twitter user only, press and hold the tweet message of a Twitter user, and then tap Reply or Send direct message.
  4. Enter your tweet message. (In your tweet, you can also include the link to a photo or your location information.) Tap Update to send your tweet.
  5. When you’re viewing the tweets list, you can tap the name of a Twitter user to view the user’s profile and all tweets from this user.
  6. You can also filter tweets and display only the types of tweets you want to view. Tap or slide your finger on the bottom row to change among the following types of tweets:
    • All tweets. Shows tweets from all the Twitter users you follow.
    • Replies. Shows only tweets directed at you.
    • Direct message. Shows private messages sent to you.
    • Favorites. Shows tweets you have marked as favorites.
  7. To search certain Twitter user or find tweets that match your interests, press the SEARCH button on your phone.
  8. Enter the username or search criteria, and then press SEARCH again.
  9. On the Search result screen, press and hold the name of the Twitter user you want to follow, and then tap Show profile > Follow.
  10. Press BACK twice to return to the tweets list.

If you want to stop following a Twitter user, press and hold any of the tweet messages from the Twitter user, and then tap Show profile > Unfollow.